Wine Labels for that special occasion

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Going to a party? 
Birthday, Anniversary or Family Gathering

A bottle of wine with a personalised label
 is a surprise present with a difference.

All that is needed is a picture of the person
 & something about them for the label. 
It can be humorous or serious.
 We will convert it to winespeak 
Email it direct and we will design
a label and print 
 ready to be stuck onto your bottle of wine.
Cost is only 13.50 plus 2 post

Set of 5 48 plus 2 post

You  have a present to take to the party
 that will be a talking point and something
 that will be treasured.

Special discounts for Weddings 
Have a bottle on each table,
featuring the Bride & Grooms portraits.  




Call Dennis on
01322 669523 

 or ring on mobile:
 07 5050 37333

or click here to email:

Email your ideas

or send details and

we will create a

wine label