Imagine being to have all your family photos, holidays,
and treasured memories all in one place so that they can be shown
 to your family & friends on the TV enlarged and titled.

Are they torn, creased or faded ?  This can be remedied with skilled photoshop techniques


Family History has become a fascinating hobby for many people researching their ancestors

Have you any old damaged family photos that you would like to save ?

Many photos lose their value due to the fact that no one living knows who they are with any certainty. Names & dates on photos can preserve their names for future generations.
Your grandchildren and those who come after will appreciate this.

35mm slides. I have digitised mine and now look at them on TV.

Do you have a collection of family photos that need a projector & screen to see them?

I can scan them for you and put them on a USB stick or DVD that is more compact

 than all those boxes of slides, and shown on TV the whole family can enjoy them together 

I also retouch and enhance them with photoshop. The same applies to old damaged photo prints.


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